Let's do some math!

Take 24 and multiply it by 7 and you come up with 168. With 168tickets, you're box office is open 24x7, 168 hours per week.

We've been working the web since 1995. We've built many successful e-commerce web sites so we know how sales on the web work.

In 2003, we were tasked with setting up a ticketing system for a local county fair. Since that time, our system has expanded to include many high-end features that power ticket sales for county fairs, wine and food festivals, civic theaters, bridal shows, churches, cruise ships, and more.

Developed in-house, our system is hosted on high-availability servers that are monitored around the clock. With a typical uptime exceeding 99.95%, we make sure that your tickets are available 24x7. Continual development of the system provides our clients with a feature laden system that is easy to use.

Whether your venue seats 100 or 10,000, 168tickets can reliably help you streamline your operations while taking advantage of the internet at a price you can afford.



Judy Duncombe, CFE, Associate Director, Utah State Fair

We highly recommend them for YOUR box office needs!

Stephanie Adams, Columbus State University

we are really happy with the way everything worked out

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