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From Milton Performing Arts Center

Program is easy to work with and if I have a question help is only a phone call away

Greg Meadows
Milton Performing Arts Center

From the Richland County Fair

Dear Reader,

This letter is in regard to the new ticket system we used for our entertainment at the 2006 Richland County Fair.

First, I would like for you to know that Joe Kerns came down to teach the office help how to use the new system. He did an excellent job in explaining the system and answered each and every one of our questions. He also was available for our phone calls during actual sale of the tickets to answer all the questions that arose from people trying to order tickets on-line.

At the Richland County Fairgrounds we have volunteers who collect the tickets for our Grandstand events. According to one of our Board members, Sarah Davis, she read a letter written from one of our volunteers concerning how smooth things went with the tickets at our main event at the Grandstand. Even though the ticket system was new to us, things went very well. Mr. Kerns also was here during the events to handle any problems that may have occurred at that point. Joe Kerns and 168tickets should be commended for a job well done.

We would not hesitate to recommend them. Please feel free to contact me with any questions concerning our experience with Joe Kerns and 168tickets.


Martin Boyce
Fair Manager
Richland County Fairgrounds

From the Northwest Montana Fair & Rodeo

We have used 168tickets for the past 5 years and are selling more tickets each year. The system is easy to use, consistently being improved upon, and a great tool for customers and staff.

Service levels by Joe and his group are excellent. Any problems encountered are quickly handled, even the tough ones.

We strongly encourage any fair or events consideration of 168tickets. It is a solid system with a low cost of operation. While there are many systems on the market today, 168tickets continues to provide a quality product that allows the user to do as much or as little as needed.

Mark Campbell
Fair Manager
Northwest Montana Fair & Rodeo

From the Last Chance Stampede & Rodeo

We have been with 168tickets for two years.

Joe is very easy to work with and is willing to make changes to his system to make it work better for you.

Having Joe on-site during our large events makes our jobs easier as he takes care of the people running scanners and helps if there are any problems during the events.

Other then our Last Chance Stampede and Fair (One Concert/3 Nights of Rodeo/Reserved Seating), we do other shows throughout the year. Their costs are very reasonable if not better then most tickets sights out there. I would highly recommend using 168Tickets for any venue.

Kevin Tenney
Office Manager
Last Chance Stampede & Rodeo

From the Wayne County Fair

We have used other ticketing software if the past & it's a night/day difference with 168tickets.com.

The staff is very responsive to our specific needs & anytime I have a question I receive a quick response.

I would highly recommend anyone in need of ticketing software to use 168tickets.com. They have exceeded ALL expectations.

Cara Yoder
Ticketing Manager
Wayne County Fair (OH)